English enrichment classes at Quills and Quotes help students acheive success.

The Curriculum

What sets us apart?

"Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know."

-Daniel J. Boorstin

Cutting Edge

At Quills and Quotes, we use a progressive multimedia approach to reinforce concepts. Quill classrooms support:

  • Assignment submission with Google Classroom to ensure timely feedback and allow quick correspondence between student and teacher. 

  • Interactive lectures with PowerPoint slides to maximize class time

  • Video examples for enhanced learning

  • Hands-on learning at the whiteboard

  • Group collaboration and group competition

  • Student presentations delivered with visual aids (PowerPoint, Google slides)

  • Media literacy 

Writing Skills

Writing a paragraph, essay, or even comprehension response can be intimidating. At Quills and Quotes, we break down the writing process into easy to understand, manageable steps. In addition, we cover a breadth of subjects:

  • Expository essay

  • Persuasive essay

  • Compare and contrast essay

  • Cause and effect essay

  • Research essay

  • Argument essay

  • Descriptive essay

  • Narrative essay

  • Literary analysis

  • Personal response (academic applications)

  • CV and resume composition 

  • Poetry

  • Reading comprehension 

  • Advanced vocabulary building

  • Grammar and Punctuation

Public Speaking

Public speaking is the most valuable skill a student can develop. Many opportunities open for students who speak with confidence and authority.

We develop these skills through: 

  • Debate

  • Impromptu speeches

  • Prepared speeches

  • Informative speeches

  • Persuasive speeches

  • QUILL Talks (our version of a TED Talk)

  • Mock Interviews 

  • Mastering use of facial expression, body language and gestures

  • Power posing

  • Emulating history's Greatest Speeches 

Standup and Speak

Global Thinking

An English curriculum is an opportunity to teach students to write, think and speak; but even more important, it is an opportunity to learn about our world. At Quills and Quotes, we bring global thinking into our curriculum through:

  • Vocabulary passages based on current news

  • Comprehension questions to encourage research and reading

  • Essay prompts based on global issues

  • Essay samples based on frequent exam topics

  • Media literacy

  • Critical thinking of political and social issues 

Oakville and Mississauga Kids go to Quills and Quotes for Afterschool Academic Classes.

What Makes Us Different?

Learning beyond the classroom

  • Engaging lectures with slides, videos, whiteboard teaching and demonstrations

  • 1.5 hours of weekly enriched instruction

  • Detailed feedback for each step of the writing process (brainstorm, outline, draft, revision)

  • Essay editing within a few days of submission

  • Easy teacher accessibility for questions

  • Small student:teacher ratio

  • Highly qualified teachers 

  • Core lessons on essay writing, grammar, punctuation, literary analysis

  • More than 30 essay samples

  • Invaluable writing resources

  • Weekly vocabulary building (from GRE, SAT, and SSAT prep lists) 

  • Weekly reading comprehension exercises

  • On-the-spot feedback for speeches 

  • Lessons on designing and delivering an effective PowerPoint presentation

  • Preparation for higher level applications


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