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Our Founders, Teachers and Philosophy

Great teachers inspire learning

"Quills and Quotes aims to create an engaging learning environment that inspires, challenges and builds leaders of tomorrow."

The Founders

Our world is fast-paced and heavily reliant on effective communication. A person's career may depend on an impromptu interview, a speech in a boardroom or a business proposal. We questioned whether our children could meet those future challenges with the preparation they received from the standard school curriculum. 


Therefore, we developed a program that focused on the two skills we believed would guarantee their success in any occupation, writing and public speaking.


We are a group of professionals with experience in education, public speaking and curriculum development. We have collaborated with the most inspired, knowledgeable, creative and dedicated people to develop this program.   

"A good teacher will inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning."

​-Brad Henry

The Teachers

Our teachers are the heart of our program. They were carefully selected based on their qualifications and teaching style. A Quills' teacher must:

  • Be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers or have advanced English education

  • Come highly recommended by their students

  • Be passionate about English and public speaking

  • Incite enthusiasm for learning

  • Challenge students to think critically

  • Teach with engagement, energy and understanding​


It was the small things that made the difference in Quills and Quotes. The writing and public speaking curriculum is outstanding, but what really did it for me is that my daughter progressed tremendously AND she loved the class. The teacher really cared that she got all the concepts. She followed up on any missed assignments. She was given positive encouragement throughout. Discussion was encouraged. Questions were encouraged. For the kids the small things that made a big difference were the prizes, the awards, the debates, the fun things like the “Soap Box Speech” and the “Who Is” books and discussing TED Talks. Quills and Quotes is quite a unique program. I highly recommend it!

Suhas Kotecha, Quills and Quotes parent

Quills and Quotes dramatically increased my essay writing and speech skills. The program helps me consistently achieve a 4+ in my language assignments. The teachers are kind and willing to put in the effort to help us succeed. I'd definitely recommend this program to kids who want to write and speak like a pro.

Nik C, Quills and Quotes student

If you are looking to improve your child’s reading, writing and public speaking skills, I highly recommend this program! I wish this program was around when I was in middle school.


Dina Mehdiratta, Quills and Quotes parent

I've been looking for a program like this for my children for a long time! So happy to have finally found a curriculum that really focuses on public speaking and writing skills. They cover all essay types, build strong vocabulary and get kids speaking from day one!

Monica Malhotra, Quills and Quotes parent

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