13 Reasons Why NOT to Memorize Your Speech

The best speeches are delivered from a scant speech outline, or better yet from the heart. In fact, every time you practice the speech it should be slightly different. The following are 13 reasons why NOT to deliver a memorized, paper-written speech:

It creates a robotic memorized speech

It is easier to mess up

It creates written language instead of speech language

It is not natural

It is not passionate

It is not engaging

It is more work

It wastes paper

You lose flexibility in rearranging points

It is harder to involve the audience

It is harder to incorporate humour

What if someone asks a question?

Have you ever seen a TED Talker use paper?

How do you deliver a compelling speech without writing out every detail? First, know your topic inside and out; you should be the expert. Second, draft a speech outline. Third, practice, practice, practice from the outline.

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