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Public Speaking Program

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Developing Kids Public Speaking and Debate Skills

Quills and Quotes has developed a unique public speaking program for children aged 9-14 years. The curriculum involves studying aspects of “memorable” historic speeches, and current TED TALKS. Students are taught the importance of posture, voice and expression. They are coached on techniques to reduce public speaking anxiety. Students learn to write a speech outline and how to give a speech without cues. Most importantly, students deliver speeches every 2-3 weeks and perform our version of a TED TALK on speech night. Also, students learn the basics of proper debate and engage in at least two heated debates over current controversial issues.

Additional public speaking skills taught include:

✓ Power Posing

✓ Expression and open body language

✓ Conversational tone

✓ Signposting a speech

✓ Delivering an impromptu speech

✓ Humour in speeches

✓ Presenting with slides

✓ Debate

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