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Why Enroll in a Writing and Public Speaking Program?

Learning for Success:

Our world is competitive, and success comes from developing effective writing and communication skills. Quills and Quotes is dedicated to teaching students these skills. A Quills and Quotes' student graduates as a dynamic and confident speaker, a compelling and persuasive writer, and a well-rounded global thinker. 

Public Speaking Class at Quills and Quotes. Students participate in speeches, debates and slide presentations.

Why Choose Quills and Quotes?

After-school Writing and Public Speaking Program

This program is a 30-week after-school English course for students in primary, middle, and high school. Students write a variety of essay types, build an advanced vocabulary, and master reading comprehension and analysis. 


Students also develop public speaking skills. Weekly class sessions include instruction and feedback on proven speaking techniques. The culminating event is a QUILL Talk, which is our version of a TED Talk. 


Our teachers are accredited, specialize in English literature, and have extensive teaching experience


The Public Speaking Program

The public speaking program is a 25-week course that begins with the fundamentals of speech presentation, and then challenges students to incorporate advanced speaking techniques in their final QUILL Talk. Students practice their skills weekly and receive on-the-spot feedback. This course is ideal for all students - ones that love being in front of a crowd but need to perfect their delivery, and those that dread public speaking. 


Quills and Quotes is a unique learning program. The curriculum is cutting-edge and challenges students to learn not just through traditional pen-to-paper, but through class discussion, debate, and visual presentations. By using Google Classroom, students have the added benefit of regular communication with their class and teacher. 


If you missed our online information session, you can watch it on YouTube: Information Session

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Quills and Quotes is dedicated to learning beyond the classroom

public speaking, essay writing, advanced vocabulary building, reading comprehension, debate, global knowledge, literature analysis, critical thinking


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