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After School Writing Program

Updated: May 5, 2019

The Junior Writing Program

Quills and Quotes is an enriched afterschool English program that teaches children writing and public speaking skills. The program goes beyond the classroom by using an advanced curriculum based on global knowledge and media literacy.

The program’s mission is to promote communication skills, which are fundamental in all aspects of life, including the classroom, graduate studies, and work.

The junior program is perfect for children in grades 4-5 who are already familiar with paragraph writing. They are taught the fundamentals of essay writing including:

✓ Extracting information from articles

✓ Organizing relevant information

✓ Developing a thesis statement

✓ Supporting their thesis

✓ Writing the first draft

✓ Critically revising and editing

By the end of the year, children have mastered written responses for various essay styles, including essays that expository, persuasive, descriptive and narrative.

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